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Solar Power Plant

We are offering renewable and environment friendly Industrial Solar Power Plant that generates large amount of electricity using solar energy. The high reliability and advance technology of this Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant
Solar power plant are a necessity at places in India like remote hilly areas and islands for providing electricity in order to improve the standard of living of the people. Financial constraints in the public sector and non-remunerative characteristics of economics act as disincentives to private entrepreneurs, which are impediments to the national programmed of solar electrification of villages. Despite these constraints, the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Government of India is attempting to electrify as many villages as possible with the solar photovoltaic system. This paper attempts to show how improvements in technology and competitiveness among players in the fields of manufacture, supply, and installation are leading to reduction in costs, but not at the sharp rate that is competitive with conventional power. However, it appears that direct conversion of solar power to electricity is cheaper in India than in Germany.

We install solar power plant as per recommendation of MNRE. They consist of:

Solar Panels:

Multi crystalline solar photovoltaic modules are used. They have life of more than 20 years. They confirm of IEC 61215 specifications


2 V Tubular cell’s are used for uninterruupted & long backup solution. They generally have life of 5-8 years.

Charge Controller:

High efficiency charge controller with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) failure.


Sinewave invertors with PMM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology are used to convert DC input from batteries to single phase 230 V AC or three phase 415 V AC.

Cables & Accessories:

We use international quality electric cables switches, circuit breakers & other accessories confirming to IEC, CE, UL, BIS etc.


Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

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At par with the requirements of our esteem clients we provide a wide range of solar inverters that are user friendly and can be used in different power outputs.